Just a number

Last days, I were read that a student jumped from the floor of the school where he is studying because he had taken a 4th grade in biology. I don’t even know which city, which high school it was from, but it doesn’t matter. The shock was too great for me to remember such details.

His and his parents’ luck was that his gesture did not turn into a tragedy, the boy was left with only a minor skull fracture.

Only he knows what was in his head! I do not condemn him, but it is certain that fear led him to make this gesture. Fear of school, fear of parents, fear of teachers? I can’t find an answer. Only he knows.

There are students who are scared by the low grades they get at school and by the reaction their parents may have, by the remarks that teachers can make, so that they end up making indescribable gestures.

I do not dispute that grades can change your life, for better or for worse, it all depends on how you are taught by your parents to manage your life, because there are things that can not always go well.

A student’s fear can be fueled primarily by parents who are overly demanding and forget that the fear they instill in their children leaves deep scars and will have repercussions. And some teachers blame themselves, fueling their parents’ frustration with various „remarks”: „Maybe, but he doesn’t want to, because he’s lazy” or „He doesn’t want to raise his hand to answer” or „He’s naughty.” There is also the fear of school, which can affect the future of the student, so there is disinterest, indifference, dropping out of school and labeling the school as hell.

Thus, from all directions, the student is finely chopped, instead of finding solutions to the problems he is struggling with.

We all want high marks, who says anything else, but the note does not always reflect reality. Some students get high grades just because their mother wants them to. Personally, I don’t feel compelled to get high grades, and my parents don’t argue with me when I get low grades (thank you for that!).

They explained to me from primary school that grades or grades are not important, but the accumulated knowledge. A low grade is not a tragedy, it can be corrected, no one excels in all subjects. „A child must be good everywhere” is a myth!

The fact that I can leave home quietly from school with any grade gives me inner peace, because I don’t feel stressed and I’m not afraid to tell my parents that I took 4 or 10. I’m not arguing, just encouraged to agree more pay close attention to the subject and correct my grade.

The subject is loaded from the preparatory classes, just when the children want to play, so the school becomes an enemy for them before they know it, because they simply cannot do what they like.

It is not the school itself that is the problem, but the way the courses are run. In Romanian schools there is a lot of theory and a little practice, the emphasis is on grades and not on the things we stay with. Everyone forgets that grades are just numbers that do not represent us, students or adults in the making. The school should prepare us for life, to have different activities from which to learn.

We all know that school curricula are made according to the law. There are some standards that need to be met, but school curricula are busy and poorly designed.

The pressure on the students’ shoulders in terms of high grades attracts fear, and this, in turn, can leave deep marks. Adolescents are not immune to fear, so they resort to incomprehensible gestures.

In this way, under pressure, the student feels compelled to learn in all subjects, without being able to focus on what he wants to study in the future. And if he can’t cope, he goes to the other extreme.

Does anyone really notice that some students need counseling, support, someone to help them realize that mistakes can be seen as opportunities? Making a mistake doesn’t mean it’s all over!

Dear parents, help your children understand that a low grade should not be seen as a tragedy. Don’t scold them! Do not have unrealistic expectations from your children, be proud of them, regardless of the note in the catalog! Don’t push them to resort to extreme gestures for a number!

Dear teachers, work on the students’ psyche, explain to them that you are with them and that the grade can be improved.

Only by working together, teachers and parents, can students be saved from hell, because the teacher is an extension of what is happening at home!

LINK: https://logopaper.com/2022/03/30/andrea-beatrix-doar-un-numar/

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